3D Goat Character Facial Expressions

I decided to show the blend shapes I made for my 3D Goat character from my animation at: http://youtu.be/WuNGZCrDlAQ.

For those of you not familiar with Maya or 3D, blend shapes give you the ability as an animator to make and key changes to a character along your timeline without having to go into the geometry and change it yourself.  You can basically set up how you want each facial expression to look, and as long as the polygon count and base of the character’s neck don’t change for each blend shape, you can combine them all into the character and then adjust them on a scale of 0-1 for how much of that Blend shape you want to show.  So say your character has a neutral facial expression and you then want him to smile and wink, you can key a blend shape for smiling to come in on the timeline, key a blend shape for winking, and adjust how much you want him to smile from neutral expression to crazy happy (depending on your blend shape) on that 0-1 scale.  Pretty Cool!  I made 8 emotions, and was able to combine some of them to make even more (for instance combining happy, surprised, and angry made my character look like he was in pain heh).

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