“Gun Nut”  Whether a conservative gun owner, or armed to the TEETH, everyone in this archetype has one thing in common:  They love guns.  Weapons in general are appealing, but nothing get’s the job done better than a good ol’ gun. Gun Nuts have many different motivations for the love of their collections, but in the end they all know one thing: they can blast the $#@! out of whatever gets in their way.



“Fanboys (or girls)” Cosplayers, LARPers, Bronies, Star Wars Geeks, Trekkies, and endless others… – Scour the depths of the nerds, geeks, and dorks alike, inevitably you will find…the Fanboys (or girls).  The Fanboy archetype lives in an alternate universe where their favorite cartoons, comics, and movies become reality…well, at least real enough.  Females can be rare among this Archetype, and are often worshiped because of their flowering womanhood.  Whether you love Fanboys or mock their very existence, you cannot deny their communities form some of the closest bonds out there.


Caregiver:   “Lover” a.k.a. “Moms” and “Baby Bird Syndrome.”  The caregiver archetypes just can’t help themselves, they have so much love to give!  If they saw a baby bird suffering, they’d pick it up and love it, and well we know how that goes…  To others, caregivers can seem like an absolute good and a limitless well of love.  However, an open heart accepts all who come, and can even invite manipulation and betrayal.

More archetypes to come!43-Caregiver

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“Neerdowell.” Psycho. Criminal. Los Banditos. This archetype comes in many forms…be it Maniacal Chainsaw Psycho, Colombian Drug-lord, or Dark Sith Master.  A Neerdowell’s key motivation is that they do not give a f*@&, and will do literally anything it takes to get what they want.  Stay tuned for more Ego Archetypes, oh there’s so many…maybe I’ll do something completely opposite like a Caregiver or Nature-lover next 😉



Happy Father’s day to my awesome Dad!  Dad, this is what you will look like in a few more years if you keep growing your hair out and reading so much 😉   I have been thinking about drawing him a wizard for a while, & this came into my mind.  He plays a wiz in D&D, but in life my Dad has ALWAYS been a wizard!




The Octopods are curious, and their confidence has finally spurred them into action.  They must investigate these “humans” before it’s too late, but what is this creature the humans refer to as the “Dreaded Locks”?


Mummy Medusa Ninja sketch, because…why not?


25m hand drawing @ Hipbone studio last weekend


Have you ever read Greek creation mythology?  There are some CRAZY stories in there, but few people know of the “Snot-rocket” creation myth.


Bow to the Mother of Dragons insolent fool, you are not worthy!  This Daeneyrs fan art painting I just completed is for sale.  I’m still working on setting up a store, and I’ll keep you updated in the meantime, so check back soon!

Daeneyrs Portrait_800px

“Equinopolis”  There’s a deep backstory here…what do you think it is?  …& soon this painting will be for sale!  I will be setting up several of my paintings to sell, including new-to-come works.