Broken Bulb Studios needs YOUR help at

WE WANT YOU! To help our company, Broken Bulb Studios, in creating it’s newest and most innovative game to date, with mobile strategy-based game play and Ninjas! WHAT!? Innovative you say? Strategy-based AND mobile? NINJAS!?!? You heard me right, go check it out and please tell everyone you can because we need all the backers we can get!  If you’re unfamiliar with, basically it’s a website that allows people to post or back ideas for projects that need financial backing.  We have posted an informative video with some images as well, and need backers (people who pledge $) to reach our goal.  There’s incentive the more money you pledge, and if we don’t meet our goal, you don’t have to pay ANYTHING…but if we do, you get things like prizes, free in-game cash, or dinner with the creators!

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