Where Are They Now? DAFFY DUCK

After years of intense daffiness, Daffy Duck could no longer deny the instability of his mental health.  His mind was falling apart at the seams, that is until he turned to a life of peace and serenity.  We now find Daffy a master Yogi living deeep in the Himalayan mountains.  He hasn’t uttered a “hoohoo” in over 10 years.


Garnet (Steven Universe Fan Art)

Garnet is just…. a badass.


American Woman

(I’m hearing Lenny Kravitz while I draw this)

This little beauty is based off of real people I saw all around my last apartment complex 😛


Cave Dragon

Don’t awaken the Cave Dragon, his mystical green smoke will choke your lungs…and it’s smelly.Sig_DnD-Painting_15

Fire Flighters

Firefly Firefighters helpin a poor flaming Mushroom. Hang in there Shroomy, they’ll get you out of this. Oh boy…


Woofer Bot

I was inspired by Scott Serkland over @Serkworks to draw a robot!  Here’s Woofer bot, a friendly bass-pumping pal for all those dubstep-dog lovers.7-WooferBot

Well, at least I do…not much time though, just a lunch break 😉


Have You Seen Enough Zombies Yet?

I sketched this guy or girl last night while watching Walking Dead, aint’ ze pretty?

Cho’Gall sketch, HOTS Fan Art

Cho’Gall, Heroes of the Storm Fanart. Cho & Gall are having a “Tactical dispute.”
#DED #DrawEveryDay #DailySketch

Check out the Wild West Exodus Painting!

The website has been due a new blog post for far too long! I will post some more of these when they allow because I’ve done many many more.
Painted with Adobe Photoshop for the Outlaw Miniatures tabletop game “Wild West Exodus.” The sketches I have the pleasure of painting were originally drawn by Roberto Cirillo, an extremely talented sketch concept artist!