A Demon & a Baby

Yep you heard it, a demon and a baby.

I’ve been practicing doing some faster painting, and these are a couple I’ve done recently.  Each painting took about 3-4 hours.  The Demon lives inside the heart of the Volcano and causes violent angry eruptions which terrorize the countryside.  I plan on painting a Polynesian style hero next to vanquish him and save the villagers!

The baby is my boy Ronin, he’s 5 months old now!  He smiles, laughs, grabs, puts everything in his mouth, and has some eruptions of his own which rival his Dad’s 😉




Lamborghini Spaceship

I don’t do as much scifi and space stuff so I wanted to give it a shot because I love all that nerdy junk.  Here’s my lambo-inspired spaceship complete with fusion drive propulsion, the latest in fusion technology from Italian engineers.  The newtonian mileage sucks, but it goes from 0-60,000 in .0192358 seconds flat!



The Solitary Shack

So for a long time I’ve been wary about just painting in straight color and have been using Photoshop to do a lot of the color work for me, but I’m just never totally satisfied with the results.  I’ve done some cool paintings I’m happy with, but I’ve always wanted to just jump into speed painting, one layer, all color.  And here it is.  This was completely out of my imagination in 3 hours on one layer, and I thought it was going to suck!  This actually turned out looking pretty nice I think considering there’s no reference or perspective.  Hope you all like it out there in the interwebs 🙂

Solitary Hut Sig

Solitary Hut Sketch

Couple new creations

Almost forgot to show these guys!

Scifi Cowboy Character Concepts

Scifi Cowboy Character Concepts HQ WebFULL

Mobile User Interface Design, Choose Alien

Alien UI Choose Alien WebFULL

“Why?” Digital Life Drawing

WomanLaying LQ

FeTre Angel Tee

FeTreAngel HQ WebFULL

Cyborg Viking Turn-Around

Made this guy to use as a reference for a game character.  Part machine, part raping, pillaging…you get the idea 🙂


Narcturias the Behemoth of Night

Creepy, right? :D Although an original creation, this guy was heavily influenced by Magic Cards like the Phyrexian Black creatures, the Zerg from Starcraft, and HR Giger’s Alien. I felt like trying to make something worthy of a Magic the Gathering Black Card because I would love to do work for them some day, so this was an attempt at that.

I’m going to come up with a story for it real quick… lets see…
“Geillag could hardly bare the stench any longer after sifting through so many rotted corpses and bones. His foot crunched on another rib cage and startled him with the sound. Quickly glancing about for signs of movement and thanking himself Narcturias the Behemoth of Night had not stirred, he took a deep low breath. But there was a problem… it was too silent. Geillag saw a yellow glow begin to form in the silence behind him, and knew the sign of the massive nightmarish horror he had awakened. He turned his back and fired a spell of confusion, lighting up Narcturias and realizing the beast that rose before him was unlike anything he could have imagined. Time for some mind control!”

PhyrexianConceptLQ Sig

3D Goat Character Facial Expressions

I decided to show the blend shapes I made for my 3D Goat character from my animation at: http://youtu.be/WuNGZCrDlAQ.

For those of you not familiar with Maya or 3D, blend shapes give you the ability as an animator to make and key changes to a character along your timeline without having to go into the geometry and change it yourself.  You can basically set up how you want each facial expression to look, and as long as the polygon count and base of the character’s neck don’t change for each blend shape, you can combine them all into the character and then adjust them on a scale of 0-1 for how much of that Blend shape you want to show.  So say your character has a neutral facial expression and you then want him to smile and wink, you can key a blend shape for smiling to come in on the timeline, key a blend shape for winking, and adjust how much you want him to smile from neutral expression to crazy happy (depending on your blend shape) on that 0-1 scale.  Pretty Cool!  I made 8 emotions, and was able to combine some of them to make even more (for instance combining happy, surprised, and angry made my character look like he was in pain heh).

First post for my new website!

Hope everyone likes it, I slaved over the design by myself for a couple weeks and it’s finally DONE! I’m so excited with how it’s turned out. In the process I learned a lot more about CSS, PHP, WordPress Themes, Plugins, and the joys and nightmares of the whole process. Pretty much everything that I used during the creation process didn’t work correctly the first time, and I constantly had to go into the code, find new plugins, search through piles of Tutorials, Forums, and FAQs… but it was all worth it! Way better than the last website, and I am proud of it.

That being said, I no longer will be using my old blog at Clarkillustrations.Wordpress.com, from here on out it’s all on this new blog which can easily be searched and navigated through the website. Feel free to browse around, and if you like what you see and need work done, contact me!

New 3D Animated Short!

My last Maya class of 2013 I had to make this whole entire video from scratch in one semester.  It may be short, but I’m proud of how it turned out for my first character animation!  I will be re-doing my portfolio again soon too and adding stills and creation process of the 3D projects I’ve been working on, so some of that stuff will be going up over the course of this month.

Also, I graduated from college finally with a Bachelors Degree!!!!  Wooo!  This was my last project I had to work on literally to THE LAST SECOND for my final semester, and thank God it’s finally over!  I hope you all enjoy it!

The Final Form of Apollo Nox, the Big Bad Boss…

….of Miscrits: Volcano  Island.  Your journey ends here, you must defeat the almighty Apollo Nox in 3 forms, and I am responsible for the creation of the FINAL FORM OF NOX!  MWAHAHA!!!  And also I had some help from Chris Mendoza and Adobe Illustrator (Mendoza created the first 2 forms of Nox plus the snazzy background too!)  Be sure if you want a chance to defeat him that you have a full team of maxed out Miscrits with good Relics.  And don’t forget to search extra careful around his final zone too, I laid that out too 😀

Apollo Nox Final Form

Apollo Nox Final Form