1st page illustration for a comic I’ve been working on.  Wizard Tower.  Waddya think?  Does it set the mood & draw you in?  He doesn’t like visitors much…

Twas the day after Christmas, and from coast to coast, many creatures were stirring, but most won’t see this post 😛

Every year I make a present of Hippo Potter for my wife, she is after all my love and my life (I don’t mean to boast!)

A new Hippo from Potter,  Dumbledore adds to his pensieve, while Fawkes the Phoenix rests on his sleeve.

Merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year!  It was rough, but don’t fear, fill your heart with cheer…

& political reprieve!

BernieBot says:  “Hindsight 20/20”65-berniebot

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I’ve been playing around with some story ideas and character concpets, and I especially like this one.  I’m not sold on the style yet, sometimes you have to complete something to realize it’s not what you want…the good news is the new sketches I’ve been coming up with are better!  More dynamic…  Gotta keep pushin it!  Stay tuned and I’ll show more versions as I brainstorm.



Remade an old unfinished character from 2008…little bit better this time 😀


Kundalini awareness is a hard thing to describe, but a picture can describe quite a lot.


….And they called it (Pregnant) Hippo Loooove….  This was a birthday present for my wonderful and amazing wife.   She LOVES hippos and fat things are the most adorbz to her.  I was inspired by the art of Goro Fujita, Samuel Smith, and of course Disney & Pixar!  If you love it, share the love 🙂



Experience this painting in 360 degrees! (facebook link)



I just finished setting up my new shop on Etsy where you can buy all of these prints and more!
If you’ve never heard of me, check it out and you have the opportunity to help a starving artist support his wife and 2 kids (Did I get enough sympathy guilt yet?)  😛
…or if you’re already a fan, go get yourself some wall-art because you like it, I’d prefer that anyway!

Bow to the Mother of Dragons insolent fool, you are not worthy!  This Daeneyrs fan art painting I just completed is for sale.  I’m still working on setting up a store, and I’ll keep you updated in the meantime, so check back soon!

Daeneyrs Portrait_800px