Kharazim fan art for my one of my best friends Chris Johnson, a fellow Heroes of the Storm fan 🙂


I just finished setting up my new shop on Etsy where you can buy all of these prints and more!
If you’ve never heard of me, check it out and you have the opportunity to help a starving artist support his wife and 2 kids (Did I get enough sympathy guilt yet?)  😛
…or if you’re already a fan, go get yourself some wall-art because you like it, I’d prefer that anyway!

Bow to the Mother of Dragons insolent fool, you are not worthy!  This Daeneyrs fan art painting I just completed is for sale.  I’m still working on setting up a store, and I’ll keep you updated in the meantime, so check back soon!

Daeneyrs Portrait_800px

Boy was Daario challenging…trying to create an exaggerated flamboyant mustachioed man with loud clothing & personality…yet also quite handsome and suave.32-Daario


In celebration of Friday the 13th & the new Doom game coming out, a sketch of the Baron of Hell.  These were those cool horned dudes that threw green fireballs at your face all day.25-BaronOfHell