Freeform drawing I did for Inktober a few days back, very fast, exploratory, & loose!


**(My apologies if you saw this already, I was having some upload issues)

Fighters will crawl through the fiery pits of the underworld to beat their opponent. Extreme pain is nothing but a tickle, and they love to use anything in their arsenal of tricks to take a son’bitch out. Maybe you love to drink, f#@$, and kick ass… or perhaps you are one who carefully disciplines the mind and body into a focused art form of beauty and destruction…either way, someone’s gonna bleed.


Remade an old unfinished character from 2008…little bit better this time 😀


Kundalini awareness is a hard thing to describe, but a picture can describe quite a lot.


Kharazim fan art for my one of my best friends Chris Johnson, a fellow Heroes of the Storm fan 🙂


“Umm… Am I cute?”  Awww the widdle demon just wants to be loved, give…uh, IT, a hug!   Maybe put on some armor first…


….And they called it (Pregnant) Hippo Loooove….  This was a birthday present for my wonderful and amazing wife.   She LOVES hippos and fat things are the most adorbz to her.  I was inspired by the art of Goro Fujita, Samuel Smith, and of course Disney & Pixar!  If you love it, share the love 🙂



Experience this painting in 360 degrees! (facebook link)


Drawing contest:  Make a Monster CUTE, make a Cutey a MONSTER!


#Religious #Purist #Archetype

Religious Purist:  While Religious Purists wear many hats, they all share one thing in common: the love of a good book.  They all choose different books for different reasons, sometimes they fight about whose book is better, sometimes they even fight within their own groups over mere sentences, however most just love the feeling it gives them.  Sure there’s a few wackjobs that mess it up for the rest, but 90% of the Religious Purists out there just want everyone to feel as great as they do when they read their favorite book.