Just a bunch of quick gestures, all 5 min or less. ┬áI don’t always have ideas, so sometimes I just draw random people & stuff ­čÖé


White Rider, “the Others” from Game of Thrones. ┬áRead a book yo!


Where Are They Now? TINKERBELL

Ever the sassy little minx, if you ask Tinkerbell, she’s still got it. ┬áThese days she’s turning heads (and stomachs) at the Neverland┬áNursing Home…I guess Neverland didn’t have enough youth-juice to keep up with her moxy.


Where Are They Now? DAFFY DUCK

After years of intense daffiness, Daffy Duck could no longer┬ádeny the instability of his mental health. ┬áHis mind was falling apart at the seams, that is until he turned to a life of peace and serenity. ┬áWe now find Daffy a master Yogi living deeep in the Himalayan mountains. ┬áHe hasn’t uttered a “hoohoo” in over 10 years.


Garnet (Steven Universe Fan Art)

Garnet is just…. a badass.


American Woman

(I’m hearing Lenny Kravitz┬áwhile I draw this)

This little beauty is based off of real people I saw all around my last apartment complex ­čśŤ


Cave Dragon

Don’t awaken the Cave Dragon, his mystical green smoke will choke your lungs…and it’s smelly.Sig_DnD-Painting_15

Fire Flighters

Firefly Firefighters helpin a poor flaming Mushroom. Hang in there Shroomy, they’ll get you out of this. Oh boy…


Woofer Bot

I was inspired by Scott Serkland over @Serkworks to draw a robot! ┬áHere’s Woofer bot, a friendly bass-pumping pal for all those┬ádubstep-dog lovers.7-WooferBot

Well, at least I do…not much time though, just a lunch break ­čśë