Drink N Draw at Changing Hands bookstore.  1.5hrs of blissful buzz and doodlin


A Christmas drawing I did for my Dad & Mom!  Merry Christmas!

1st December Life Drawing sesh @ Hipbone studio in Portland…God I love that Palamino Black Wing pencil, sooo smooth…she will be missed, sadly she passed away during this drawing:


A present for a girl I’ve seen grow up from 3 to 14 years old now.  She deserves a cool cartoonized version of herself with a giant weapon!

I just need to ink this for Inktober before October is over…


Chris Clark illustrations @ clarkillustrations.com

Tree-Frog.  Inktober, having fun with lines 🙂61-treefrog


Freeform drawing I did for Inktober a few days back, very fast, exploratory, & loose!


**(My apologies if you saw this already, I was having some upload issues)

Fighters will crawl through the fiery pits of the underworld to beat their opponent. Extreme pain is nothing but a tickle, and they love to use anything in their arsenal of tricks to take a son’bitch out. Maybe you love to drink, f#@$, and kick ass… or perhaps you are one who carefully disciplines the mind and body into a focused art form of beauty and destruction…either way, someone’s gonna bleed.


Kharazim fan art for my one of my best friends Chris Johnson, a fellow Heroes of the Storm fan 🙂


“Umm… Am I cute?”  Awww the widdle demon just wants to be loved, give…uh, IT, a hug!   Maybe put on some armor first…