Crap, sorry I didn’t post

So a BUNCH of people came to my blog Dec. 13th, and I promised to have new art to show, but alas nothing was there.  It was just my luck that I got some sort of stomach virus on Dec 13th, and now I’m playing catch-up at work.  Not to mention, for those of you that are unaware, I’m also moving with my wife and puppy to a new Apartment THIS Saturday, so we’ve been doing a lot of packing in our free time.

Now… I know that though these are valid excuses, they are still excuses, you all logged on to find no new art and I apologize with exasperation.


Ok, now that all my grovelling is out of the way, I assure you that I will be showing new artwork.  You may just have to give it a few days because of holidays, moving, and work, but I promise I’ll get them on here AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  I’ll try my darndest to get something by this Friday if I have time, at least a few pics for you to savor 😉

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