Diablo 3 Quit

Yea I pretty much quit D3.  There’s just no end-game without too much time invested, and still no PvP, so the game is just getting redundant.  I don’t need it anyways, on to more artwork.  I am heavily invested in the Miscrits entire process of art creation at the moment and I will also be trying to do some additional Miscrits on the side, so there should be a lot more coming in soon.  I’ve been making zones, and the last one I just finished was Emerald Isle which was released a week ago or so (I believe at this time).  Now I am currently working on the final Miscrits boss zone……    Ooooh spooky!………?   Also maybe I’ll do other artwork, who knows?  Stay tuned… does that term even work anymore with the internet?  What the crap are you supposed to say?  Surf on back!  Stay blogged!  Nah… makes no sense, whatever… stay tuned I guess 🙂

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