I do exist!

It has been quite some time since I’ve posted to my blog so I feel inclined to let you all know I still step foot on this earth 🙂  Unfortunately school+work has been kicking my ass, so much so that I’ve had to set aside doing freelance indefinitely.  I know I will be posting some new work within the coming months, but currently there isn’t much polished stuff to show (except for Miscrits artwork).  I’ve been having some serious back problems and will be seeing a Chiropractor, so I haven’t had the will-power to do any more personal paintings unfortunately, but I can let you in on a few things.  The new Miscrits Monk’s Mountain should be released later today (Tuesday) if all goes well, so there will be a huge in-flux of work to show from that!  Also I will be creating some “gift artwork” to thank a few people from my wedding a few months back, and also for my friend Megan whose wedding is coming up in June.  On top of all of this I’ve been studying up a bit more on digital painting techniques, and learning a lot about Maya in one of my classes which focuses on 3D modelling.  My mind has also been brimming with endless ideas for a Graphic Novel I’ve been thinking of for a couple years now, and it just keep filling up and up.   It still has a looong way to go, but the plan is to focus on it during the summer and once schools out.  If you’re interested in learning a little more, I’ll give a slight tid-bit of information:  It’s geared towards adults, and will be set about 50 years in the future.  The main character is an anti-hero who gathers a rag-tag group of vigilantes to fight against a new oppressive regime of capitalism that dominates the future.  Of course there’s a lot more to it than that, just keep your pants on…

Stay tuned!

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