Sorry about the long absense, Diablo 3 happened…

Yea I am still alive and creating artwork, but also playing way too much Diablo.  Eventually soon I will stop… I WILL DAMMIT!  won’t I?  …of course I will, yes…  Anyways, I am still doing work for Miscrits, and I also have a new piece I did recently of my slightly unorthodox take on Jesus and one of his apostles that was posted a few weeks ago.  Anyways if you haven’t played Diablo 3, don’t because it’s freaking awesome.  Unless you want to have half of your life go out the window that is :)  Yea yea I’ll eventually feel the crippling artists guilt and start working outside of the day job again, but dammit I haven’t played a computer game in a looooonng time…. and maybe you see why… shut-uppa your eyes you, and give me a break, I just got done with a full semester!  I’m not an addict, and I’m not in denial, brb.. just need to check the AH (Auction House for you noobs) real quick…   AWW MAN I MISSED THE SWEETEST ARMOR BUYOUT, I COULDA HAD DA BEST STATS AND SOMEONE ELSE FREAKIN BOUGHT IT FIRST!!! WHHYYYYYY!!!??!?  KILL ME NOW GOD!!  WAAaaa…  I mean uh… sorry.  Okay, maybe I do slightly somewhat kind of have a tiny itty-bitty sort of problemish thing I suppose… 😛

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