Happy Belated Father’s Day Super Epic Awesome Present

So since I did an awesome D&D character concept for my Mom on Mother’s Day, of course I had to do an EVEN AWESOMER one for Father’s Day for my dad.  Not because I’m playing favorites, but because I wasn’t able to start it in time, so now the painting is super…

Last of the Keepers

Well here is the last of the Keeper’s for my fiance Jess’s novel, next will be the main protagonists and antagonist.  I think I’ve spent more time and effort on this painting than any painting prior, it had to have taken around 15-20 hours total.  Yay I can move again!  But this…

Children’s Book Cover

While I’m not of liberty to give any info on this Children’s Book yet, I can say that it is really cool and the client I’m doing the work for is a very generous and awesome guy to work with!

Dylandi Keeper character concept

Another character concept I created for the “Keepers” of my fiance’s book (the book still in progress, just like my paintings) The Dylandi are underwater folk with powerful control over all things liquid.  Stay tuned for more Keeper character concepts!

The ACTUAL new Tattoo!

…and now I’m permanently inked 🙂

Golem Family

This is a speed painting I did in about 3-4 hours.  Pay close attention to the little ones at Mamma’s feet 🙂

Epic Fire-Breathing Dragon

Well, I told you I was going to paint a dragon…but the last sketch was too plain.  Now not only is he breathing fire, but he’s whipping through the clouds of a moon-lit sky! 🙂 Never painted fire in Photoshop before, so this is a first.  Enjoy kiddies!

The Active Chubby Buddha…hahaha!

Believe it or not, I did not just do these sketches for fun.  These are actual images (sketches, not finals) for a client who can’t get enough of exercising buddhas lol!

Happy Mothers Day! Artwork too!

Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful glorious mothers out there, I commend you for your hard work and sacrifice! You can’t touch my Mom though, she’s tha bomb.  Anyways, anyone who knows my mom knows that she is a big nerd, and loves Dungeons and Dragons.  I thought it would be…

Dragons are cool.

My semester is finally over, so I sketched a dragon.  What else would I do?  He has a giant crystal in the middle of his forehead because he’s badass and needs it for channeling his crazy awesome fire.  Duh.