Baby Elephant Bath

Forgot to post this cute little drawin I did for my Mamma-in-Law 🙂


Just a bunch of quick gestures, all 5 min or less.  I don’t always have ideas, so sometimes I just draw random people & stuff 🙂

White Rider, “the Others” from Game of Thrones

White Rider, “the Others” from Game of Thrones.  Read a book yo!

Where Are They Now? TINKERBELL

Ever the sassy little minx, if you ask Tinkerbell, she’s still got it.  These days she’s turning heads (and stomachs) at the Neverland Nursing Home…I guess Neverland didn’t have enough youth-juice to keep up with her moxy.

Where Are They Now? DAFFY DUCK

After years of intense daffiness, Daffy Duck could no longer deny the instability of his mental health.  His mind was falling apart at the seams, that is until he turned to a life of peace and serenity.  We now find Daffy a master Yogi living deeep in the Himalayan mountains.  He hasn’t uttered…

Garnet (Steven Universe Fan Art)

Garnet is just…. a badass.

American Woman

(I’m hearing Lenny Kravitz while I draw this) This little beauty is based off of real people I saw all around my last apartment complex 😛

Cave Dragon

Don’t awaken the Cave Dragon, his mystical green smoke will choke your lungs…and it’s smelly.

Fire Flighters

Firefly Firefighters helpin a poor flaming Mushroom. Hang in there Shroomy, they’ll get you out of this. Oh boy…

When you’ve got time to kill, you draw Deadpool.

Well, at least I do…not much time though, just a lunch break 😉