Have You Seen Enough Zombies Yet?

I sketched this guy or girl last night while watching Walking Dead, aint’ ze pretty?

Cho’Gall sketch, HOTS Fan Art

Cho’Gall, Heroes of the Storm Fanart. Cho & Gall are having a “Tactical dispute.” #DED #DrawEveryDay #DailySketch

A Demon & a Baby

Yep you heard it, a demon and a baby. I’ve been practicing doing some faster painting, and these are a couple I’ve done recently.  Each painting took about 3-4 hours.  The Demon lives inside the heart of the Volcano and causes violent angry eruptions which terrorize the countryside.  I plan on painting…

Lamborghini Spaceship

I don’t do as much scifi and space stuff so I wanted to give it a shot because I love all that nerdy junk.  Here’s my lambo-inspired spaceship complete with fusion drive propulsion, the latest in fusion technology from Italian engineers.  The newtonian mileage sucks, but it goes from 0-60,000 in .0192358…

The Solitary Shack

So for a long time I’ve been wary about just painting in straight color and have been using Photoshop to do a lot of the color work for me, but I’m just never totally satisfied with the results.  I’ve done some cool paintings I’m happy with, but I’ve always wanted to just…

Couple new creations

Almost forgot to show these guys! Scifi Cowboy Character Concepts Mobile User Interface Design, Choose Alien “Why?” Digital Life Drawing FeTre Angel Tee

Cyborg Viking Turn-Around

Made this guy to use as a reference for a game character.  Part machine, part raping, pillaging…you get the idea 🙂

Narcturias the Behemoth of Night

Creepy, right? Although an original creation, this guy was heavily influenced by Magic Cards like the Phyrexian Black creatures, the Zerg from Starcraft, and HR Giger’s Alien. I felt like trying to make something worthy of a Magic the Gathering Black Card because I would love to do work for them some…

3D Goat Character Facial Expressions

I decided to show the blend shapes I made for my 3D Goat character from my animation at: http://youtu.be/WuNGZCrDlAQ. For those of you not familiar with Maya or 3D, blend shapes give you the ability as an animator to make and key changes to a character along your timeline without having to…

First post for my new website!

Hope everyone likes it, I slaved over the design by myself for a couple weeks and it’s finally DONE! I’m so excited with how it’s turned out. In the process I learned a lot more about CSS, PHP, WordPress Themes, Plugins, and the joys and nightmares of the whole process. Pretty much…