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My what gorgeous hair you have, oh mystical dragon!

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Happy Father’s day to my awesome Dad!  Dad, this is what you will look like in a few more years if you keep growing your hair out and reading so much 😉   I have been thinking about drawing him a wizard for a while, & this came into my mind.  He plays…

Monk’s Mountain Miscrits!

Awesome, it’s Miscrits again!  These are all previously unreleased, and most can be found on Brokenbulb’s new Miscrits game Monk’s Mountain. Next I’ll be releasing sketches, and the Process for creating a Miscrit!  After that I’ll release the Miscrits that go inside  the Mountain, and let me tell you…they just get meaner…

Sketch requests round 2

So still getting requests for free sketches to celebrate getting over 100 watchers on my Deviant Art page (http://stoskri.deviantart.com) Today we have Daenerys Targaryen from George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones series, and Master Kamagashi, a character invented by Lavender Blade (http://lavenderblade.deviantart.com)  

The ACTUAL new Tattoo!

…and now I’m permanently inked 🙂

Epic Fire-Breathing Dragon

Well, I told you I was going to paint a dragon…but the last sketch was too plain.  Now not only is he breathing fire, but he’s whipping through the clouds of a moon-lit sky! 🙂 Never painted fire in Photoshop before, so this is a first.  Enjoy kiddies!

Dragons are cool.

My semester is finally over, so I sketched a dragon.  What else would I do?  He has a giant crystal in the middle of his forehead because he’s badass and needs it for channeling his crazy awesome fire.  Duh.

Dragon Wagon

While the idea of riding a Dragon seems totally badass, there is one drawback.  Dragons only move when they want to. I have a feeling this guy is about to be torched. I had to create an image with a rhyme & I’ve been wanting to draw a dragon lately, so this…