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“Fanboys (or girls)” Cosplayers, LARPers, Bronies, Star Wars Geeks, Trekkies, and endless others… – Scour the depths of the nerds, geeks, and dorks alike, inevitably you will find…the Fanboys (or girls).  The Fanboy archetype lives in an alternate universe where their favorite cartoons, comics, and movies become reality…well, at least real enough.  Females can be rare among this…

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Couple new creations

Almost forgot to show these guys! Scifi Cowboy Character Concepts Mobile User Interface Design, Choose Alien “Why?” Digital Life Drawing FeTre Angel Tee

Fantasy Book Cover Sketch

2 sketches for a client’s cover illustration. His name is Ethan J. Mecomber and just published his first fantasy novel.  Yeah, that’s a gun-sword 🙂

Final round of free sketches

Once again I did some free sketches for getting over 100 watchers on Deviant Art (109 as I’m writing this, yay) so I’ve been giving away sketches to whoever requests something. This last round was for Catelyn Stark from the George RR Martin Game of Thrones series, and on the bottom is…

Sketch requests round 2

So still getting requests for free sketches to celebrate getting over 100 watchers on my Deviant Art page (http://stoskri.deviantart.com) Today we have Daenerys Targaryen from George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones series, and Master Kamagashi, a character invented by Lavender Blade (http://lavenderblade.deviantart.com)  

Dark Fairy Nyxie

Not all fairies are cute and friendly… some are out for blood. The Nyxie are dark fairies who breed in densely packed rott-weed. They are mischievous, devious, and seductive, but if you fall for their cutesy ruse, you will die within seconds from their poison tipped thorns. Decided to start experimenting with…

New Life Drawing Sketches! (warning, nudity)

Well it’s literally been like 3 or 4 years since I’ve had a life drawing class, but I found a really nice small get-together that meets every weekend for only $10!  I’ve realized I need to go back to practicing more fundamentals, such as life drawing, still lives, and other various studies…

Dylandi Keeper character concept

Another character concept I created for the “Keepers” of my fiance’s book (the book still in progress, just like my paintings) The Dylandi are underwater folk with powerful control over all things liquid.  Stay tuned for more Keeper character concepts!

The ACTUAL new Tattoo!

…and now I’m permanently inked 🙂