Jesus Christ!

Going for a much more Jewish Middle-Eastern version of Jesus laughing instead of the traditional stoic poses.  Hope you all like it!

Miscrits Creation Process

For those of you who’ve ever been curious about how we generally go about making a Miscrit, I thought I’d give you our basic outlines.  Obviously there’s more that goes into it than this, but in essence this is what our artists do for most every Miscrit.  If you have trouble reading/viewing…

Miscrit Sketches

More and more Miscrits, it just never ends!  This time enjoy some sketches of your favorite, or maybe not so fav Miscrits…and if you don’t like them, well eff you dude.  You may notice some of them have evolved since the sketch phase, check out the changes, it shows our thinking process….

Some new sketches over at

Anyone that’s looked twice at my website has probably figured out I don’t update it very often.  I have so much going on with school and work and trying to have a LIFE that I just don’t have the time.  If I had my way, I’d actually revamp the entire thing and…

Miscrit Rejects!

Here are all of the Miscrit I’ve drawn up in the past 8 months that didn’t make it into the game for one reason or another.  Some of them may actually be revisited and end up in the game, but 95% of them will never see a more colorful existence than the…

New Miscrits Cinematic Painting

A cinematic speed painting for the facebook game, Miscrits: Volcano Island.  Scroll down for some backgrounds, and check back again for more Miscrits and work from the drawing-room floor! All Broken Bulb images rights reserved Broken Bulb Studios 2011

New Art from Miscrits, FINALLY! (Backgrounds)

So here it is, the moment of glory.  MISCRITS ARTWORK!!!  First we start out with backgrounds, here are all of the new fight backgrounds I’ve created in the past couple months.  Everything was painted in Adobe photoshop to fit the style of  Miscrits: Volcano Island, an awesome free Facebook game made by…

Fantasy Book Cover Sketch

2 sketches for a client’s cover illustration. His name is Ethan J. Mecomber and just published his first fantasy novel.  Yeah, that’s a gun-sword 🙂

Final Blog Contest Winner Sketch

Time for the last Blog Contest Winner’s character sketch.  This one kind of reminds me a little of Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter.  The character is named Cassie, and was concocted by the mind of Brooke at Paper Mountain  She is a sassy purple-eyed teenager who loves to lecture, but still has…

2 More Contest Winners

Another round of contest winners, wahoo!  Bear in mind these are all teen-adventure/fantasy books that these contest winners have won so all of the characters are teenagers. First is Tenny, a character created by Jeigh @, she’s a shy naive girl next door. Second is Grey, Bess’s character from, he’s…