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Kundalini awareness is a hard thing to describe, but a picture can describe quite a lot.

The Solitary Shack

So for a long time I’ve been wary about just painting in straight color and have been using Photoshop to do a lot of the color work for me, but I’m just never totally satisfied with the results.  I’ve done some cool paintings I’m happy with, but I’ve always wanted to just…

New Miscrits Cinematic Painting

A cinematic speed painting for the facebook game, Miscrits: Volcano Island.  Scroll down for some backgrounds, and check back again for more Miscrits and work from the drawing-room floor! All Broken Bulb images rights reserved Broken Bulb Studios 2011 www.Miscrits.com www.Brokenbulbstudios.com www.clarkillustrations.com Clarkillustrations.Wordpress.com

New Life Drawing Sketches! (warning, nudity)

Well it’s literally been like 3 or 4 years since I’ve had a life drawing class, but I found a really nice small get-together that meets every weekend for only $10!  I’ve realized I need to go back to practicing more fundamentals, such as life drawing, still lives, and other various studies…