Phoenix Art Museum Exhibit Review

(All images included were taken from a brochure courtesy of the Phoenix Art Museum and the InFocus Organization I recently went to the Phoenix Art Museum to peruse the “Inspired Vision” exhibit featuring two famous photographers, Brett Weston & Sonya Noskowiak.  These two artists created the breadth of their work…

Shark Logo Vector

Every once in a while I’ll show some of the client work I do.  here’s a cool Shark Logo in Vector for a Client


con·trived adj kən-ˈtrīvd Definition of CONTRIVED having an unnatural or false appearance or quality : artificial

New Portfolios!

Check out the Artist Packet Tab to see my completely revised Commercial Portfolio, A new Cover Letter, Artist Statement, and ALL NEW FINE ART Portfolio!  There’s all new never-before-seen art in there, and a few old favs as well.  If you really want to get a good idea of the total breadth…

New T-shirt, Aries Design

Reinventing an Old Sketch – The Disc Repairman

This is a character sketch I did a while back which appears on my website, but I wanted to reinvent this character by coloring him and regaling you with his untold story. This is the Disc Repairman, and he’s the reason all of our disc related electronics work.  He is one of…

Wedding Designs, with a cool twist

Wedding Engagement party invites and Mark the Dates I did for my wedding with my lovely Jessica.

Burning Monkey Tree Sketch

So I didn’t just draw some weird alien monkeys for the hell of it, I also thought of a little story to go along with them: These are the Moobaloops, they live in the Zerboid Crystal valley.  Their planet, Melba, is a Silicate & Carbon planet.  Some creatures that live there are…

New T-shirt Design, Glowing Veins!


New T-shirt Skull Wing Design