Where the hell have YOU been?

Well, I’m back from Jamaica, and it feels good to be home, but oh man do I miss that beautiful island. So yea, also, I did get married if you haven’t noticed 🙂 I never felt so much joy and stress in one time I swear. I wanted it to all be over so we could relax and enjoy my honeymoon (which I did) but now I come back and most of my friends and family are gone…and I don’t want it to be over lol I had a fantastic time and I miss all you all so much, especially everyone that couldn’t come. I had a blast.

Now you can all quit your pitiful weeping because I’m still here, I’m just extremely busy with so many things I haven’t been able to post.

…in the mean time there may be an image or two that pop up on here, but I will DEFINITELY HAVE ARTWORK by December 13th when the company I work for (Broken Bulb) releases it’s new Miscrits game.  There will be loads of artwork that I can finally show that has only been seen by a select lucky few! 😛

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