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Hi! I’m Chris Clark, a professional Illustrator, Animator, and Designer since 2004. My focus is on Character-based Art, Animation, and Game Art, but I have extensive experience in Environments, Design, and Apparel as well.  I’m also familiar with 3D programs and other Design and Video editing software.  As a Lead Artist since 2015, I’ve had to wear many hats over the years, and I’ve recently become proficient in AI-generated art such as Adobe Firefly.

I currently reside in Des Moines Iowa, but I’m comfortable with working remotely. I have a wonderful son, daughter, and adorable old German shepherd-corgi mix.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Art from ASU and an AA from Scottsdale Community College. 

Please feel free to contact me for Job opportunities, Freelance, or just to ask questions!




www.Clarkillustrations.com – Des Moines, IA
References and Contact info are available on request

To push my boundaries and passionately pursue 2D Digital Art and Animation for my Career, creating original artwork to the best of my abilities.


  • Character Design
  • Animation and Rigging
  • Game Assets
  • Digital Painting
  • Concept Art
  • Backgrounds and Environments
  • Level Design and Layout
  • Design, UI and Logos
  • Vector, Raster, and 3D Art
  • Traditional Art
  • Screen-print Separations


  • Expert: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Spine, Character Animator
  • Proficient: Adobe Animate and Premiere Pro, Clip Studio Paint, Spriter, Corel Draw and Paint, Panopainter, Adobe Firefly and AI Art
  • Familiar: Adobe InDesign, After Effects, and Media Encoder, Zbrush, Blender, Maya, Unity
  • Communication and Tracking Apps: Slack, Trello, Google Products, MS Office, Discord, Adobe Bridge


(Not shown are numerous Freelance projects in-between jobs and in my free time.)

Lead 2D Game Artist/Animator: Feb 2014 – Present
(Full-Time Telecommute): Mountain View, CA – www.Tynker.com

Tynker is a company with millions of users, and teaches kids from Kindergarten through High School how to code with Games, Puzzles, and Projects.

  • Characters, Animations, Rigging, Concepts, Designs, Backgrounds, Assets, and UI
  • Only Artist doing Spine Animation. Responsible for most Character Art
  • Researched improvements for: Efficiency, Art Style, Animation, Game Design, Revenue, Retention, User Engagement/Community, Software, AI, UI flow – anything to help the company
  • Created Visual Documentation for: Presentations of new ideas, Style Guides, Character Bibles, Product Audits, Brainstorming, Art Reference, Organization, and Lists
  • Worked outside regular hours to improve my skills, problem-solve, and meet tight Deadlines
  • Worked closely with the Art Director, Devs, Designers, and Management
  • Google, Trello, Slack, daily Progress updates, weekly Status updates, and weekly Meetings

Colorist: Oct 2013 – Jan 2015
Outlaw Miniatures – Wild West Exodus
(Contractor): Phoenix, AZ – www.Wildwestexodus.com

Wild West Exodus is a popular Strategy Tabletop Game with Collectible Miniatures and was acquired by Warcradle Studios in 2016.

  • Color Paintings of Card Art and larger Promotional Cover and Poster Art for the “Wild West Exodus” game series

Concept Artist/Animator: Oct 2013 – April 2014
ASU Learning Sciences Institute
(Contract): Phoenix, AZ

ASU-LSI used Characters, Games, Puzzles, and Animations to teach various Learning Concepts to all ages.

  • 2D Motion comic, Game Assets, 3D texture skinning, Promotional Art, Designs
  • Concepts and Characters for 2D and 3D Educational Games

2D Game Artist: July 2013 – Oct 2013
(Fulltime): Glendale, AZ – www.twitter.com/Gamezand

Gamezand was a short-lived Game company focused on Mobile Gaming.

  • Characters, Concepts, Animations, UI, Backgrounds, Logos, Flash ads, Style Guides, and Assets
  • Worked closely with CEO, Game Designer, Devs, and other Artists

Art Director: April 2013 – June 2013
Acme Prints
(Fulltime): Tempe, AZ – www.Acmeprints.com

Acme Prints is a Printing business run out of Tempe, AZ. They specialize in Screen printing Apparel, Posters, and various card stock.

  • Oversaw the entire Art Process for Separations/Screenprinting, and Designs
  • Worked on multiple projects simultaneously under tight deadlines and delegated to external Artists

2D Game Artist: May 2011 – Feb 2013
Broken Bulb Studios
(Fulltime): Scottsdale, AZ – www.linkedin.com/company/broken-bulb-game-studios/

Broken Bulb was a Facebook Game company with millions of active users during its heyday. Miscrits was their flagship game, but they had many other games.

  • Characters, Animations, Level designs, Assets, Backgrounds, and Concepts for Miscrits and Lost Moons
  • A Lead Artist on Miscrits, the Co.’s highest-profiting game
  • Worked closely with CEO, Art Director, Devs, and other Artists

Senior Illustrator: Oct 2004 – Feb 2009
Action Illustrated
(Fulltime): Scottsdale, AZ – www.facebook.com/ActionIllustrated/

Action Illustrated was an Art Catalog and fulfillment company which made large catalogs of high-quality stock art, clip art, and created custom designs for clients.

  • Completed 1000s of Characters, Designs, and Assets for large Catalogs of Artwork, T-shirts, Vehicle Wraps, Logos, etc.
  • Fulfilled Custom Art orders for Clients, acquiring details of projects and personally finalizing
  • Worked with a team of Artists to meet deadlines for Clients


BA in Art: 2009 – 2012
ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts:
Tempe, AZ

  • Digital and Traditional Art Studies, 2D and 3D, Game Art Club
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude, Dean’s list, Golden Key NHS

AA in Art: 2004-2007
Scottsdale Community College:
Scottsdale, AZ

  • Life Drawing, Flash, Traditional Painting, Sculpture, Iron Pour, Creative Writing, Tutoring and more
  • Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society Member

www.Clarkillustrations.com – Des Moines, IA
References and Contact info are available on request