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© Chris Clark - Illustrator, Animator, Designer


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Multiple Super Heroes were created in Spine and Illustrator for this Tynker game. These characters utilize Meshes, 3D head movement, Skins, IKs, and Animation Blending for realistic Emotion and Movement. © Tynker
Codey was created in Character Animator and Illustrator to talk with students as they learn Code through Tynker. He uses a full range of mouth Visemes, Body movements, and Facial expressions to convey emotion. © Tynker
The Teen Rig, created in Spine and Illustrator, is designed for 1000’s of Character combinations with around 100 animations in Side, Front, and back angles. I developed my own export system in Illustrator to achieve this. © Tynker
This animated flying Castle was created in Spine and Illustrator to fly about in a Tynker game. Wings flap, Propellers Spin, Steam pumps into the sky, and many contraptions sway and move with gravity. © Tynker
Four different rigs were created in Spine to accommodate multiple Monster body types for Tynker’s Pokemon-style Monster-Catching game. Each monster has its own unique look and movement. © Tynker
Kids rig was created in Spine and Illustrator with 100’s of animations and characters. Like the Teen rig, I developed my own export system with Illustrator. This simple smaller rig allows for quick load times and art creation. © Tynker