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Go see my old blog or your soul will STARVE!

I have stopped posting to my old sketches blog and will be using this blog primarily from now on, but because I’m a lazy American, I don’t want to repost every single image from the old blog.

So go check it out, if you don’t you will never sleep again for your dreams will be haunted by what could have been!  Fun, funny, and sexy sketchiness!

Funny New Sketch – MMORPGs

“What MMORPG characters do in their spare time”

I got the idea for this image from my parents who are avid D&DO (Dungeons and Dragons Online MMORPG for the unitiated).  It’s obviously meant to be humorous, but it also has a touch of serious commentary on the state of commercial entertainment Western society is in.  We use games as an escape, and oh what an increasingly exciting and realistic escape it’s becoming.  It’s so interesting to me that it becomes more and more realistic, yet it’s an escape from reality, a “super reality.”  Thus the idea of what if the roles were reversed and our reality became the new super reality?  It’s certainly possible, the only reason we find our reality so dull is because it’s the every-day and therefore mundane to us.  I’m sure barbarians saw their day to day pillaging and raping as totally mundane after a while too.

Welcome to my humble Abode

My name is Chris Clark, and this blog will initially be used to post for a “Marketing for Artists” class, but soon amazing crazy antics will fill these sleek rectangles…or just awesome illustrations.