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Hire or commission me to make your T-shirt designs today! I created this T-shirt design with Corel Draw, pen, and paper.

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This Aquarius freelance t-shirt design was part of a series of astrological t-shirt designs requested by the client. First, she provided reference of various designs and a sketch of what she wanted. She asked for an all-over t-shirt design of flowing water with ornate and slick embellishment designs, distressing, and paint splatter. For this art, I inked up the embellishments with pen, but nowadays I mostly use my Wacom tablet and draw digitally.
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As part of our contract, I also made an original font for the client which was used for lettering in the designs. I also created a more elaborate “I” for her because she wanted to use this as her brand logo. You will notice it in the “Undivided” lettering. She requested a mockup of a simpler version, and one front and one back design. She was very happy with the designs, and her final revisions were to tone down the distressing and paint splatters.
The final art is very similar to the mockups because she was happy with the outcome, but it is common for clients to ask for multiple revisions during the process to achieve their vision. I usually include a free revision for each artwork, and I’m always willing to work with clients on cost. A project like this without the custom font takes around 1-4 hours depending on the level of detail and revisions.