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Twas the day after Christmas, and from coast to coast, many creatures were stirring, but most won’t see this post 😛 Every year I make a present of Hippo Potter for my wife, she is after all my love and my life (I don’t mean to boast!) A new Hippo from Potter,  Dumbledore adds to his pensieve, while Fawkes the Phoenix

Pregnant Hippo Love #Speedpaint #Paintings #Art #Digitalart #Illustrations #Pregnant #Hippos #Love #Kisses #Disney #Pixar #Childrensbookart

….And they called it (Pregnant) Hippo Loooove….  This was a birthday present for my wonderful and amazing wife.   She LOVES hippos and fat things are the most adorbz to her.  I was inspired by the art of Goro Fujita, Samuel Smith, and of course Disney & Pixar!  If you love it, share the love 🙂

Crooked Spine would be a cool band name

…but unfortunately for me it’s a reality.  My back is seriously effed up at this point, so sadly I will have very little time spent on the PC even though there are a ton of things I want to post.  Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.  I just went to the Chiropractor the

I do exist!

It has been quite some time since I’ve posted to my blog so I feel inclined to let you all know I still step foot on this earth 🙂  Unfortunately school+work has been kicking my ass, so much so that I’ve had to set aside doing freelance indefinitely.  I know I will be posting some

New Miscrits!!!

So these are the new Miscrits that I’m allowed to show.  Unfortunately I have twice as many as this, I just can’t show the rest of them yet.  Oh, you’ll get them eventually, but for the mean time check out these tough little Miscrits from Volcano Island.  Tune back in soon and I will next